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When you choose to praise God in the middle of a crisis, you are praising Him for His goodness, His love and because He is your deliverer, the One who is more than able to overcome the crisis you are facing.

 This is the example given to us in Second Chronicles and we know that it was a key that brought a breakthrough to King Jehoshaphat. And it will bring a breakthrough for you as well!

This is a critical piece of the victory puzzle. Most people pray to God in a crisis by pouring out how terrible the problem is and how the devil is tormenting them, essentially magnifying the work of Satan.

 By the time they finish with that, they are so upset and anxious that they have forgotten all the times that God has intervened and delivered them in the past.

 The enemy and the problem become bigger than God in the minds of such people.

In our lives, the enemy of our souls, Satan, is constantly trying to “drive us out” of the inheritance that God has given us to possess.

 When Jesus died on the cross, He won for us a “possession” that He intended for us to inherit. Galatians 3:13-14 tells us that Jesus redeemed us from the “curse of the Law”. Under the “curse” which is listed in Deuteronomy 28, was sickness, disease, financial distress of every sort as well as spiritual separation from God.

The possession that Jesus died for us to inherit includes restored intimacy and friendship with God, health and material provision.

These were the “blessings of Abraham” that Galatians 3:14 said were to come to the Gentiles in Christ Jesus. This is the inheritance that the enemy tries to steal from each of us.

When you face a crisis, whether it is a health or financial or personal crisis, pray like King Jehoshaphat, by telling God that the enemy is trying “to drive us out of Your possession which You gave us to inherit.”