God chose conniving Jacob over the dutiful Esau?

God bestowed supernatural power on the deliquent Samson.

God’s grace chose a runty shepherd boy David to be King of Israel.

God’s grace bestowed wisdom to Solomon, who was the fruit of an adulterous liason.

Don’t you want the world to know about God who will leave the 99 and go and find one lost sheep?

 The new math of grace.  Mary poured a year’s wages of perfume on her Saviour’s feet, what a waste even Judas saw that.  There was a year’s wages of perfume going into the cracks of the dirt floor.  Couldn’t that perfume have been sold to feed the poor? Wouldn’t an ounce of perfume have achieved the same result?  Don’t judge the worship of one who has been saved by amazing grace.

 Or the widow who put in 2 coins—a devotion of all she had, and Jesus said of a truth, this women has put in more than you all.  (More than the millionaire’s offering?)…

 Or the farmer who hired people to work in the vineyard, some at sunrise, some at coffee break, some at lunch.., and some an hour before ending the day, and what?

Pays them all the same.

 What employer would pay johnnie – come – latelies the same as trusty regulars?

 None of us gets paid according to merit. 

God dispenses gifts not wages.  Don’t you want the world to know about this God, this Jesus,  the Saviour of the world?

 If we were paid according to fairness, all of us would end up in hell.

 If the world could have been saved by good bookkeeping, we could have been saved by Moses not Jesus.

In the realm of amazing grace the word “deserve” doesn’t apply.

 People are prepared for everything except for the fact that beyond the darkness of their blindness there is a great light.

 They are prepared to plow a field, breaking their backs till the cows come home, without realizing that in that field is a treasure rich enough to buy the world.

They are prepared for a God who drive’s hard bargains but not for a God that gives as much for an hour’s work as for a day’s.

They are prepared for a mustard seed kingdom of God no bigger than a seed but not for the great tree it becomes with birds in it that sing Mozaert.

 They are prepared for the potluck supper at the First Presbyterian but not for the marriage supper of the lamb.


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