Cliff Barrows (of Billy Graham Team) said this

An athlete, in order to be a champion, comes under the discipline of training. We ought not do anything less in our walk with the Lord. We discipline our thought lives, our relationships with others. We’re so busy now and bothered by so many things, but we need to spend time being alone with the Lord. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” There’s power in that silence. There’s strength in that silence. There’s closeness in that silence. Silent times can be some of the most precious times, but it takes discipline to do that.

When we’re born again, it has a parallel to physical birth. You have to feed a baby. The baby has to grow. I can think of no better advice for young believers than to develop a habit of reading five Psalms a day and one chapter of Proverbs a day and then meditating on them.

The Book of Psalms covers our walk with God day by day. There isn’t a situation in your life that is not covered in some measure in the Psalms. You’ll often find, as I have and Mr. Graham has, that it will touch on the very problem you are concerned about that day.
The Book of Proverbs deals with our relationships with people. We work on our relationship with God, the vertical relationship, and the Lord enables us through His Word in Proverbs to put it to action in the horizontal, reaching out into the community around us.


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