The Blood

Act like a christian or not.
Which shall it be
We shall be changed


The blood of Jesus!

What I saw about the blood was it was vibrant red.

The volumn was very great and able to meet the need.

The men and women who hang onto their sins. Disappointments grudges, sickness disease,drugs alcohol and much more

The entanglementstook them to he’ll


In July 2011 I was diagnosed with vascilitis. Thru 9 months of hospitalization I endured many tests.

A multitude of test ruled out major diseases. But the conclusion came to vascilitis , an auto immunemiii disease. It is a miracle I pulled through. I’m walking out my miracle.

I experienced visions and revelations and was touched supernaturally inside and out.

I saw a vision of the power of the blood of Jesus His Blood was seen
chasing sinners into hell. He is not willing that any should perish but all should be saved.

Friends are a gift from God

Jesus sticks closer than any brother. What a fried I have

And He walks with me

And He walks with me and He talks with me.

He is my reason for living.


The Blood Has Never Lost it’s Power

His blood heals,, saves ,sanctiies. This was the vision. The blood flowed to save everyone. There is no reason anyone should be lost. Because God’s love reaches everyone.

The blood reaches to the highest heaven. It goes to the lowest hell. The blood that gives me strength from day to day. It will never never lose it’s power

II Anna Mae McPhail

While staying in bed during my hospitalization. I had a revelation of the blood of Jesus. The red blood of Jesus chasing souls into Hell. There is no reason why anyone should end up in hell. His love is too great. His blood I

wWe are sure God’s Love is for real.

It reaches to the highest heavens and goes to the lowest hell.