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Honour – giving honour to others is a very important principle in the Kingdom.  If you honour, the Word said God will honour you.

  • Benefits of honour —are enormous.  The winds of God’s favour is blowing across Canada.  God is honouring those who honour others, those in authority, those in spiritual authority, (make a study of honour and see who the Lord instructs us to honour).
  • The way to apply honour is through submission, obedience,  surrender, walking in the Spirit (not in the flesh) Gal 5,  Obey to the “t” what God says about honour and see God bless your life.


Anna Mae McPhail



He’s Been Faithful – Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir


Lee Grady’s article said

  • Am I carrying any personal resentment in my heart toward anyone?
  •  Am I still carrying around baggage from previous conflicts?
  •  Have I judged a person because of their mistakes, and determined in my heart that they can never change? If they are willing to repent, am I willing to release them?
  • Has my love for people—especially other Christians—become cold, artificial and hypocritical, rather than warm and affectionate?

If we want New Testament power, we must also pursue New Testament love. We cannot expect to reconcile sinners to God if we have not practiced reconciliation with each other.

 Source Lee Grady – Charisma Magazine

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Bella the intercessor —prayed for us…

She was a women who worshipped and prayed daily, not when convenient… the Word was always with her, in her heart or on her lap.

George Beverly Shea was the person she played tamborine to. And the glory came down.  Some people think the glory just showed up a few years ago. 

Bella walked in the glory.  She prayed for us and helped us move into the will of God for our lives.  Intercessors have a very important role.

God’s Building A Church – Anna Mae McPhail 2010

People are Following Me

People are following me. If I miss the mark people are disappointed.

The Lord has been talking to me about a more excellent way.

I am seeking God about what this is. I am learning the Spirit is grieved by the lack of diligence in us. And I am going to change as I am instructed by the Word.

I am determined to be surrendered.

I am determined to be molded in the likeness of Jesus.

God is looking for leaders

God is looking for leaders who can master themselves. If you can’t master yourself you can’t be a leader. God is calling us back to holiness, repentence and getting the flesh out. We don’t need to pray for revival, we need to repent, and get changed ourselves first. How can we mentor and lead others if we are not walking in the Truth ourselves.


It’s all about you Jesus

And all this is for You

For Your glory and Your fame

It’s not about me

As if You should do things my way

You alone are God

And I surrender to Your ways

I can’t explain the peace and rest I found in my own life when I realized that I didn’t have to make anything happen!  I just have to do what He tells me to do both directly and through the authority He has placed over me. 

All spiritual realities are built on this foundation of surrender and obedience. 

The mystery of the Bride and how she is being made ready to reign with  Him for eternity.